Let ICT reconnect to the objectivies of your organisation


SINEFLICT ICT Management helps your organisation by advising how Information and Communication Technology can optimally contribute in order to align with the organisation’s business objectives. 

Assignments like

  1. management of ICT-departments;
  2. creating and optimizing ICT-processes;
  3. creating transparency of IT-costs;
  4. guiding the ICT-process when acquiring new companies (M&A);
  5. preparing the ICT-organisation and ICT-landscape when divesting or carving-out businesses
  6. can be executed on an ad interim basis or part-time.

SINEFLICT ICT Management helps your organisation when defining the ICT Strategy, enabling your organisation to realize its business objectives by

ensuring business alignment: Act as a business partner to enable the business to achieve their objectives; standardising the IT-landscape: Further exploit existing IT-applications, replace legacy systems and adhere to standards; being a cost competitive partner: Deliver & monitor requested services against competitive costs and apply “Activity Based management of Costs” by transparently defining cost-drivers, based on registered assets and systems usage in order to improve costs awareness at customer level

and this in different circumstances. Even in case your organisation is planning for M&A-activities or divestments, SINEFLICT ICT Management can positively contribute to this process in order to make such an endeavour a success.


In case you recognise the need for aligning your ICT-organisation with your business objectives, SINEFLICT ICT Management can facilitate your organisation in this process. Just enter your personal data in the contact form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.